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Managing Diversity and Decisions in Teams

  • clarity

Good teamwork is like tying a perfect knot. Some knots are simple while others are complex. Yet every knot requires one thing to be a tied well – tension. Without tension, a knot cannot be tied tightly. Without tension, a knot will loosen and become untied over time. Without tension, even the strongest rope will […]

Develop Your Leadership Styles

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What style of leader are you? Are you decisive, directing your team confidently? Maybe you are inclusive, gathering input from your team when making decisions. Or could you be relaxed, allowing your capable workers to handle their responsibilities independently? Different Styles of Leadership Many styles of leadership are recognized today. The above three styles are […]

Networking for Career Opportunities: How to Make a Positive Impact

  • clarity

Clarity Training and Consulting was invited to the Career Mums‘s Career Networking Session as an Employer yesterday and I was privileged to talk to many of the mums who had taken or are going to take a break from their full-time work to dedicate time to their children and families. As a mum, I had […]