Business Grammar and Writing for Effective Communicators (Essential) Writing Clearly and Professionally

Key Information

  • Target group: Executives, Professionals, Managers and Senior Managers
  • Class size: 12 participants
  • Duration: 3 one-day sessions (9am-5pm) over three weeks
  • Course Dates: 12, 19 and 26 May 2017
  • Venue: The Gateway (Beach Road), Singapore

Why Attend This Training

Business grammar is the underlying foundation for effective communication and business writing. When executives write with the correct usage of grammar, they can communicate clearly and achieve their business objectives. Conversely, when executives communicate with grammar errors and unclear sentence structures, their communication becomes misleading and ineffective. In some cases, these grammar errors can even be detrimental to the executive and company’s corporate image.

This 3-day workshop will enable participants to positively improve their understanding and usage of grammar, and the clarity of their business writing. The workshop will address common grammar and writing mistakes that executives make in their email and business communications. Participants will also identify their gaps in business writing and grammar, and receive feedback and teaching to close those gaps. Participants will learn from business-relevant examples and scenarios so that they can transfer the learning back to work. On the 3rd day, participants will also benefit from a coaching session where they will receive personalised feedback, learning and coaching from the trainer.

Target Profile

  • Executives, Administrative Executives, Professionals, Managers and Senior Managers who wants to improve their grammar and standard of written communications

Training Topics

Introduction to Executive Business Grammar

  • Importance of Business Grammar for Effective Communications
  • Relationship between Clarity and Grammar 
  • Feedback and Coaching: Results from Business Grammar Profiling

Master Business Grammar Essentials

  • Common Grammar Mistakes Made in Business Writing
  • Identify and Correct Your Errors 
  • Mis-spelled and Mis-used words that Lead to Confusion 
  • Choosing the Appropriate Tense to Communicate Clear Meanings
  • Write with Subject-Verb Agreement
  • Use of Articles for Precise Meanings

Writing Clear and Correct Sentences

  • Constructing Simple and Complex Sentences in Email and Reports
  • Linking Words, Conjunctions and Sentence Connectors
  • Avoiding Sentence Fragments and Broken Sentences
  • Avoid Confusing Sentences – Misplaced and Dangling Modifiers

Using the Appropriate Punctuation

  • Function of Full-Stops
  • Correct and Incorrect Use of Commas
  • How and When to Use Semi-Colon and Colon
  • Difference between Dashes and Hypens

Resources and Tools for Continuous Improvements

  • Use of Dictionary and Online Grammar Resource
  • How to Integrate Grammar Checks to Improve Your Writing

Course Structure and Options

Essential Course: Day 1 and Day 2
Full Course: Day 1, 2 and 3 with Post-Course Coaching.

Course Flexibility
Participants can opt for Essential Course which covers Day 1 and 2 of the workshop or they can opt for Full Course which covers Day 1-3 and Post-Course Coaching. 

What Makes this Course Special

  • A grammar and business writing course that focuses on the practical application of grammar in your business writing. While the course will cover theoretical aspects of grammar, the focus is on enabling executives to apply the knowledge to improve the clarity of their business writing.
  • The workshop is structured over 3 separate sessions with a one-week gap so that executives can have time to apply what they have learned to transform their business writing at work.
  • Flexibility for companies and participants to select the course option that works for their schedule or training budget.
  • Clarity Business Grammar Profiling that allows participants to identify their current grammar gaps so that they can better address these gaps during the workshop.


Michelle Lim, Principal Trainer and Consultant